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Willow was permanently injured at the hands of the Oakland Police Department on April 7th , 2003.

Thursday April 7th @ Café Van Kleef (1621 Telegraph @17th, Oakland)

Dorrit Geshuri


On April 7 2003 hundreds of Bay Area anti-war, labor and community activists picketed corporate war profiteers at the Oakland docks. The Oakland Police Department (OPD), after meeting days before with maritime bosses, opened fire on non-violent people with wooden bullets, shot-filled sacks and concussion grenades; and charged people with motorcycles. Their actions injured 60, including 7 long shore workers and 3 members of the press. . This was the most violent attack in recent history on the anti-war movement, and was denounced by the UN. The protests caused the docks to shut down on April 7 2003, and a month later on May 12 and one year later on April 7, 2004.

There have been minor reforms to police behavior in the aftermath but the OPD and Mayor Jerry Brown (who may run for California Attorney General), remain unaccountable and dangerous.

Willow Rosenthal, urban farmer, community organizer, and anti-war social justice activist, sustained permanent injuries on that day. We are a group of activists and friends of Willow who are raising money to assist her with her medical expenses, as she has not received any compensation from the city of Oakland. In the event that her case settles, the remaining funds raised will be diverted to anti-war organizing.

1. Distribute this email to your lists, friends and collegues

2. Donate money in one of the following ways:
* On line with a credit card – just press the “make a donation” button below to go to our PayPal link

* Or send a check to
Willow Rosenthal
PO Box 611
Berkeley, CA 94701

Please make the check out to Willow Rosenthal.

* Or come to the benefit on April 7th and make a donation in person. $10-$100 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
In the event Willow's case settles, remaining funds will be diverted to anti-war organizing.


MUSIC: Henri Ducharme (accordion master) with vocalist TaraLinda, Andread Pritchett and friends (acoustic performers from the folk/rock group Rebecca Riots)

VIDEO: Steve Zeltzer will show his documentary “Shots on the Docks” depicting the events of the day

Antonia Juhasz (formerly of International Forum on Globalization)
Jack Heyman from ILWU
speakers from CopWatch and PUEBLO

FOOD will be served

Our Goals

Direct Action to Stop the War Goals

These goals were updated and agreed to at the May 25, 2003 DASW Spokescouncil Meeting. The proposal for modifying DASW's goals stated in part, "Our intention is to make our goals a more relevant defining framework for long term organizing and for deepening our efforts to stop war and uproot the system behind it."

1) End the war for empire and uproot the system behind it. War for empire includes three interlocking parts: * Military war and occupation, including: US military presence throughout the world and support for war and occupation through other regimes. * Economic war to impose corporate globalization on the world, including: the IMF, World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, FTAA, CAFTA, and Middle East Free Trade Agreement. * War at home, including: racial injustice, sexism and patriarchy; cuts in and privatization of basic services; environmental injustice and ecological destruction; and attacks on civil liberties, immigrants, low-income communities, communities of color, unions, waged and unwaged workers.

2) Impose real economic, social and political costs on governments and corporations and stop business as usual until the war for empire ends. We publicly organize mass nonviolent direct action now, with the intention ending current war and occupation and deterring future war for empire.

3) Assert our power to transform our communities and the world from profits, oil and war to resistance and life! We work to create open, welcoming, inspiring spaces where the voices of the anti-war majority can be heard through real, direct democracy. We will help catalyze racially just, non-patriarchal, mass movements to challenge corporate and government power and create socially just, directly democratic, ecological, equitable, and peaceful alternatives.

Why We Target Corporations

We hold corporations including Bechtel, Citigroup, the Carlyle Group and ChevronTexaco accountable not only for their profits from this war, but the fact that they made this war possible through their investments, operations, weapons, lobbying, political contributions and drive for unending profits regardless of the toll on human life, the environment or society.

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