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More March 19th and 20th Events
Our Goals
DEMOCRACY VS EMPIRE 2004 Campaign Of Action
Reclaim the Commons!
Education, Living Wages, and Healthcare -- Not Warfare!

Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
Group Plans Illegal Protests on 2nd Day of Convention
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North Bay "Code Red" Actions
National Day of Action November 3
Bay Area Residents Join New York City For A Day Of Non-Violent Direct Action To Confront Bush
Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
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DEMOCRACY VS EMPIRE 2004 Campaign Of Action

Please mark the following dates...

Friday March 19th
7am Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero BART)
Mass Nonviolent Direct Action in conjunction with March 20th
internationally coordinated protests against the war and occupation in
DASW will organize nonviolent direct action as a central piece of
the Bay Area protests. We will celebrate the anniversary of the successful
shutdown of the SF Financial District by 20,000 outraged Bay Area
residents, and show our growing resistance to the invasion and occupation
of Iraq, one year later. REAL-DEMOCRACY-NOT-EMPIRE.html

Wednesday April 7th
No Police Brutality, No Union Busting, No War for Empire at the Oakland Docks and SSA.
Take action on the one year anniversary of the April 7 shutdown of SSA and APL, which also marked the most violent attack on the anti-war movement in the US. SSA, the U.S. multinational shipping company, through it’s close ties with the Bush Administration, became a beneficiary of the war and corporate globalization in Iraq when they were awarded the contract to control the port at Umm Qasar, Iraq. SSA is a much-hated corporation locally for their bad labor practices and union busting
operations at home directed at the ILWU during their last contract
negotiations. SSA is also the target of an international solidarity
campaign against their attempt to privatize the port of Chittagong,
Bangladesh, which would bust unions, destroy jobs and working conditions.
After holding closed meetings with these corporations days before, the
Oakland Police opened fire on April 7 for two hours, injuring three
members of the media, nine longshore workers and 50 community members with wooden bullets, metal-shot-filled bags, motorcycles, clubs and concussion
grenades. 31 people were arrested, 25 of who still face charges (January
2004). Since then the City of Oakland has abandoned an independent
investigation that was demanded and there has been noconsequences to the Oakland Police or Mayor Jerry Brown.  Through the April 7th protests we will protest the war at home on workers and civil liberties and the war for empire through attacks on human rights and workers abroad. This will be a national day of action in conjunction with groups in New York.
Shuttles provided from OPD to W. Oakland BART for those who need them.
People United for a Better Oakland

April 15 11:30 Oakland Federal Building
Tax Day: Palestine to Iraq; Money for Education and Healthcare, not
Occupation and Warfare
On tax day take action to expose the priorities of the U.S. government who
are spending billions on the military while our schools and hospitals and
other social services are collapsing. Tax money goes for occupation and
war whether through backing up states like Israel who use the money for
repression or the direct war and occupation in Iraq. Oppose racist attacks
on communities at home and abroad.
Northern California War Tax Resistance: 
SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax Aid to Israel Now):  

June 6-9
Reclaim the Commons!
Come to San Francisco June 3rd - 9th 2004
Dazzle the forces of corporate globalization with streets full of resistance and vision! While the biotechnology industry and its lobbyists meet in San Francisco and the G8 meets in Georgia, join us in San Francisco for a mass mobilization that says NO to corporate profiteering and destruction and YES to the world we want.  
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August 30-September 4
Republican National Convention, New York City protests in New York.
Many DASW affinity groups plan to travel to New York to build the direct
actions and resistance when the Republicans come to town. This is an
opportunity to bring an anti-empire/pro-democracy perspective to the
protests and a systemic critique to opposing the Bush administration.

November 3: Day After Actions: Bay Area and nationwide day-after "Beyond Voting" actions to oppose war for empire regardless of who is elected.
This will be a space for popular outrage if Bush is elected and/or if
there is overt election fraud again. It will be a space for celebration if
Bush is defeated, but regardless of who wins we will go beyond voting to
build a pro-democracy movement of movements inside the empire.