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Mid-summer FAQ

July 31st, 2003
Q: Now that the SF infractions are gone, the legal work is all done, right?

A: Wrong! We're still collecting names, citation numbers and warrant info, doing web and email updates, coordinating the 25 Oakland Docks cases, the 53 Lockheed Martin cases, the 50 federal infractions and other cases, some of which haven't even come up for arraignments yet. In fact, we're pretty darn busy.

Q: So, if you're still busy, does that mean you still need volunteers?

A: You bet your *ss! Please call 415-285-1011 M-F between 10 and 5 to set up a time to come in. We'll train you too. If M-F doesn't work for you, we sometimes work on Sundays, so call us anyways and we'll try to work something out.

Q: Don't you need money?

A: Although we hate to bring it up again... we really need cash. Your donations help keep people from being evicted while they do this work instead of other paying jobs. If you can donate, that would be great. Ideally, everyone would donate $10-25. It beats paying the court $177.63 and it'll help feed us.

New donation procedures:

Write checks to Midnight Special Law collective, and put "daswlegal" on the memo line.

Mail checks to:

Midnight Special Law Collective
1837 8th Ave
Oakland, CA 94606

Q: Whatever happened to the party?

A: July 26th didn't pan out. It'll be sometime in August. Check the web site for updates!