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Reclaim the Commons Legal Updates

Legal Hotline: 415-285-1011
Evidence drop-off:
If you have photos, video or other documentation of police actions during the Reclaim the Commons/G8 protests, you can send it to the following address:

National Lawyers Guild
Attn: RTC legal support
558 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

June 16, 2004
"The National Lawyers Guild Legal Support team has just received word from the District Attorney that they are dropping the charges against everyone who was arrested in the evening of June 8th at the Reclaim the Streets protest at 5th & Market (except for an individual sitting on a wall). If you have any questions as to if this applies to you, please call the County Clerks office (415-553-9394) to inquire whether you are on the roster (within 24 hours of your arraignment) or show up at your arraignment.

We have appointed lawyers to attend the arraignments to confirm that the charges are being dropped. Warning: the DA gave us word today but they could change their mind. Most likely, all the charges will be dropped but there is always a possibility that something could change. If you want to be on the safe side, go to your arraignment. Remember they are dropping charges only for people who were arrested at the 5th and Market protest. They are bringing charges against people involved in other demonstrations during the RTC. If you have any questions, please call the NLG office.

Lawyer Info for Arraignments:

June 17th: David Harrison-391-6464
June 18th: Terry Koch-415-397-1060

The National Lawyers Guild is a network of progressive attorneys, legal workers and law students who volunteer their time to support social justice causes. We have a small staff and rely on donations from our community to sustain our work. A donation of $25.00 is suggested from each arrestee to cover the cost of legal support. We work on a sliding scale and encourage those who can to give more, so that we can cover the cost of those who can not give.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working in partnership with you again in the future.

In Solidarity,

The Demonstrations Committee"b

National Lawyers Guild--San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
558 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-285-5067
Fax: 415-285-5066

June 10, 2004
All Jane and John Does were released Thursday evening, their charges were dropped in exchange for providing their names to the SFPD.  The individuals being held on felony charges have also been released.  Reports continue to surface about psychological and physical abuse inside 850 Bryant. 

June 8-9, 2004
The legal team has documented over 165 arrests for June 8, 133 occuring when police surrounded protesters at Market and 5th.  As of Wednesday evening, 40 people remain in custody.  Of those, 38 are engaging in jail solidarity, refusing to give their names.

Wednesday evening the legal office received calls from the female detainees that police in riot gear forcibly removed at least 5 women from the group, using pain compliance techniques on the detainees.

The lawyer for the arrestees was denied access to her clients yesterday evening.

We encourage you to call the DA's office and demand that all charges be dropped and all arrestees released immediately: 415-553-1579.

A jail solidarity action is ongoing at 850 Bryant (at 7th Street) in support of the arrestees. 

June 5, 2004
Five arrests reported, all charged with misdemeanors and released.