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DEMOCRACY VS EMPIRE 2004 Campaign Of Action
Reclaim the Commons!
Education, Living Wages, and Healthcare -- Not Warfare!

Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
Group Plans Illegal Protests on 2nd Day of Convention
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North Bay "Code Red" Actions
National Day of Action November 3
Bay Area Residents Join New York City For A Day Of Non-Violent Direct Action To Confront Bush
Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
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Nov 3 Beyond Voting  - National day of direct action to reclaim democracy! Go to  (November, 2004)

RNC PROTESTS  - Bay Area mobilizing to protest the Republican National Convention (August, 2004)

Reclaim the Commons!  - The Reclaim the Commons mobilization is part of the DASW Democracy Vs. Empire campaign. Come to San Francisco June 3-9 to say NO to corporate profiteering and destruction and YES to the world we want!
Go to for the latest updates. (June, 2004)

Protest Corporate Torturers!  - In the latest example of the privatized war to privatize Iraq's resources, CACI Inc.'s employees have been implicated in the Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal. With at least $45 million in contracts for "intelligence work" in Iraq, CACI is profiting as it participates in the torture of Iraqi prisoners, 70-90% of whom were arrested by mistake.

Meanwhile at home, the same soldiers guilty of torturing Iraqi prisoners have worked as guards in the U.S. prison system. Muslim, Arab and South Asian detainees rounded up since 9/11 have been tortured and abused in custody. Recent scandals at the California Youth Authority -- the state's prison system for youth -- have shown the systematic abuse of children held there.

Come out and show that the Bay Area has no tolerance for torture, at home
or abroad.


** 8 AM
** 75 Hawthorn Street (Folsom Street between 2nd & 3rd) -- CACI's San
Francisco office

Bring instruments, signs and all of your friends.
 (June, 2004)

Days of Mourning and Resistance  - Two days of gathering, mass direct actions, and marches, each cascading into the next. This will be a time for the majority against empire and war to remember and resist together.  (April, 2004)

April 15 Tax Day Protest  - Thursday, April 15th, 11:30 am

Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay Street, Oakland
(near 12th street BART)
 (April, 2004)

Campaign Against Poverty  - Automous Collective calls for action to fight the war at home (April, 2004)

March 19 Day of Action  - March 19, 2004 marks one year since the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Join bay area residents in saying NO to the war for empire and YES to healthcare and education, in Iraq and the United States! (March, 2004)

FTAA  - Direct Action to Stop the War joined thousands of activists in Miami to protest the Free Trade Area of the Americas in November 2003.
 (November, 2003)

Emergency Tanker Action  - Chevron Texaco is now shipping stolen Iraqi oil to it's toxic Richmond refinery, poisoning our air and lungs and fueling a corporate globalized empire. Put yourself onto the emergency alert list at Join environmental justice, global justice and anti-war movements to say NO! to war! NO! to empire!  (August, 2003)

Actions Against Bechtel and the Corporate Invasion of Iraq  - Stop Bechtel's war profiteering. Stop the Bush Administration from taking money from our schools and communities to subsidize Bechtel - leaving desperate human needs unmet in Iraq and the U.S. Lend your voice and activism to on-going community struggles against Bechtel. (June, 2003)

Sacramento Mobilization, June 20-25, 2003  - Peace, Global Justice and Democracy Movements Unite in Sacramento to Confront the Corporate Take-Over of Food, Communities and the Future (May, 2003)

Racial Justice Day, May 19 2003  - On May 19th Bay Area organizations will rise up with the rest of the nation for racial justice and self determination. Through art, education and action, we say RACIAL JUSTICE NOW! (May, 2003)

April 7: Return to the Docks!  - Information on SSA's war profiteering and the April 7, 2003 OPD attack  

Week Of Peace & Global Justice, Sept 9-13, 2003  - As the World Trade Organization meets in Cancun, Mexico, people across the globe will take action against corporate globalization, war, occupation and its devastation of our communities. 

May 12 Community Picket at the Oakland Docks  - Come out, bring friends and co-workers to stand up for our rights, never back down. Oakland PD /Mayor Brown: NO POLICE VIOLENCE AT THE DOCKS OR IN OUR COMMUNITIES! American President's Line (APL): STOP WAR PROFITEERING! Stevedoring Services of America (SSA): STOP THE CORPORATE INVASION OF IRAQ  

May 2 Bush Protest  - George W. Bush is making a speech at United Defense Technologies in Santa Clara (near San Jose Airport) at 9:30 AM on Friday May 2. Please join South Bay Mobilization, California Peace Action, Direct Action to Stop the War, South Bay Labor for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange, International ANSWER, and the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center as we tell him: Money for jobs, education and people's needs, not for war! 

April 22 LockheedMartin in Sunnyvale  - Mass demonstration and non-violent direct action at the Sunnyvale site of Lockheed-Martin, the world's largest weapons manufacturer 

April 14th Chevron Texaco Action  - With former Chevron Director, Condoleezza Rice, as National Security Advisor, ChevronTexaco will have access to Iraqi reserves if we don't stop the war. Much of that crude will get processed in Richmond, where communities of color are subject to daily assault of toxins from the ChevronTexaco refinery, the biggest polluter in Richmond. 

April 7th 2003 National Day of DIRECT Action  - In our collective efforts to build a mass movement of principled non-violent resistance to the U.S.-led war on Iraq, Direct Action to Stop the War (San Francisco/Bay Area) is calling a National Day of Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to Stop the War at Home and Abroad. We call upon all cities, organizations, and individuals to organize widespread non-cooperation! 

Day After the War Starts  - Information about the Shut Down of San Francicsco that took place March 20th 

Direct Action News  - News and Inspiration from the global movement to resist this War on Iraq and all other wars.