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Bechtel Fact Sheets
Acts of Hope - victories of the new peace movement
"Crude Vision: How Oil Interests Obscured US Government Focus on Chemical Weapons Use by Saddan Hussein."
Seattle Day After Peace Vigil
"Arrogance of Power. Today I Weep for my Country."
"Why I had to leave the Cabinet."
"The case against U.S. adventurism in Iraq."
"Obviously Oil."
The Anglo-American Military Axis
Practice of Direct Democracy
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Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
Group Plans Illegal Protests on 2nd Day of Convention
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North Bay "Code Red" Actions
National Day of Action November 3
Bay Area Residents Join New York City For A Day Of Non-Violent Direct Action To Confront Bush
Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
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Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
by Tom HaydenNewsday
August 20, 2004
Protesters need not Fear that they will be Playing into the Hands of Bush's Campaign Strategy

The Hand-Over That Wasn't
by Antonia JuhaszLos Angeles Times
August 5, 2004
Officially, the U.S. occupation of Iraq ended on June 28, 2004. But in reality, the United States is still in charge: Not only do 138,000 troops remain to control the streets, but the "100 Orders" of L. Paul Bremer III remain to control the economy.

Falluja and the Forging of the New Iraq
by Walden Bello Focus on the Global South
April 18, 2004

Iraq's Enemy Within
by Haifa Zangana The Guardian
April 10, 2004
The US-appointed governing council cannot deliver democracy

Ambitions of Empire: the Radical Reconstruction of Iraq’s Economy
by By Antonia Juhasz*LeftTurn Magazine, No. 12 Feb/Mar 2004
Recently nominated for a Project Censored Award

Connecting the Dots
by Camille T. TaiaraSan Francisco Bay Guardian
March 17, 2004
The antiwar movement of 2004 is about much more than the war.

The Corporate Invasion of Iraq
by Antonia JuhaszLeft Turn
The Bush Administration is using the military invasion and occupation of Iraq to advance a corporate globalization agenda throughout the Middle East.

Bechtel Fact Sheets (June 2003)
Fact Sheets and Flyers for the June Actions Against Bechtel and the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

Acts of Hope
by Rebecca SolnitOrion Online
May 20, 2003
.. On May 12 we picketed again, with no violence. This time, the longshoremen acted in solidarity with the picketers and – for the first time in anyone's memory – the shipping companies cancelled the work shift rather than face the protesters. Told that way, the story continues to unfold, and we have grown stronger. ..

"Crude Vision: How Oil Interests Obscured US Government Focus on Chemical Weapons Use by Saddan Hussein."
by Jim Vallette with Steve Kretzmann and Daphne WyshamInstitute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC
March 24, 2003
New report describes how Hussein's cancellation of a proposed pipeline to be built by the BECHTEL Corporation to bring oil from Iraq through Jordan may have been a prime cause of the first U.S. war with Iraq and may well be behind the second.

Seattle Day After Peace Vigil
by David Korten
March 21, 2003

"Arrogance of Power. Today I Weep for my Country."
by US Senator Robert Byrd
March 19, 2003

"Why I had to leave the Cabinet."
by Robin CookThe Guardian
March 18, 2003
Robin Cook resigned as the Leader of the British House of Commons on March 17, 2003 in opposition to her government's involvement in the war.

"The case against U.S. adventurism in Iraq."
by Noam ChomskyStar Tribune
March 13, 2003

"Obviously Oil."
by Congressman Dennis KucinichAlterNet
March 11, 2003
Although Dennis Kucinich was aggressively attacked by Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen for suggesting that the preemptive strike on Iraq was based on oil, the Post refused to print the presidential candidate and Ohio Democrat's response. AlterNet did publish it.

The Anglo-American Military Axis
by Michel Chossudovsky
March 10, 2003
The "disagreements" within the US Security Council pertaining to Iraq are casually presented by the media as a mere diplomatic rift.

The Practice of Direct Democracy
by Starhawkchapter from Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising
.. Direct democracy, horizontal organizing, nonhierarchical structure, are all key aspects of our movement. Putting them into practice is an art, that requires a shift in our organizational modes and a shift in our thinking. ..

"The Thirty Year Itch."
by Robert DreyfussMother Jones Magazine
February 28, 2003
Three decades ago, in the throes of the energy crisis, Washington's hawks conceived of a strategy for US control of the Persian Gulf's oil. Now, with the same strategists firmly in control of the White House, the Bush administration is playing out their script for global dominance.

"A Chorus Against War."
by Howard ZinnThe Progressive
February 28, 2003

"A Monument to Hypocrisy."
by Edward SaidAl-Ahram Weekly
February 16, 2003

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