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An Open Letter to the People Who Live and Work in the City of San Francisco
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National Day of Action November 3
Bay Area Residents Join New York City For A Day Of Non-Violent Direct Action To Confront Bush
Press Invited to Experience Open House at Reclaim the Commons Welcome Center
Bay Area Residents Join In National Outcry Against Torturer and War Profiteer, CACI Inc.
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Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
New York Lockdown
Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
Group Plans Illegal Protests on 2nd Day of Convention
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Recent Press Releases

National Day of Action November 3
by Beyond Voting
October 27, 2004
Day of Popular Protest and Civil Disobedience Across the US to Demand: Democracy Not Disenfranchisement! Education Not Occupation! Health Care Not Warfare!

Bay Area Residents Join New York City For A Day Of Non-Violent Direct Action To Confront Bush
by DASW Media
August 31, 2004
Thousands Create “Democracy Zones” Around Madison Square Garden Calling For “Real Democracy, Not Empire.”

Press Invited to Experience Open House at Reclaim the Commons Welcome Center
by RTC / DASW Media
June 3, 2004
Activist-led tours present rare opportunity to go behind the scenes

Reclaim the Commons Teach-In Kicks-Off Seven Days of Action
by RTC/DASW Media
June 2, 2004
Peace, Global Justice, Racial Justice, Environment, Farm and Labor Advocates Unite to End Corporate Control of Life.

Bay Area Residents Join In National Outcry Against Torturer and War Profiteer, CACI Inc.
by DASW Media
June 2, 2004
Public Demands Immediate Accountability for CACI, End to Occupation of Iraq

Bay Area Gears Up for Mass Mobilization Against War, Corporate Rule, & G8
by RTC/DASW Media
May 19, 2004
Call to Reclaim the Commons unites Peace, Racial Justice, & Global Justice Movements; Activists pledge to shut down biotech convention in San Francisco

Nationwide Events to Protest Taxes for War
by National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Press Conference: Monday, April 5, 11am
U.N. Letter Calls for the U.S. and the Oakland Police to Respect Human Rights One Year After the April 7th Police Attack on Peaceful Anti-War Picket

UN Calls on US to Respect Human Rights of Anti-War Movement
April 2, 2004
UN Report documents human rights violations of peaceful protesters in Oakland and New York during 2003 anti-war actions.

SF Action Shuts Down Bechtel Headquarters on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
March 19, 2004
Global Mobilization Against U.S. Occupation and "Corporate Invasion" of Iraq

DASW Press Release Iraq Invasion, One Year Later:
March 18, 2004

Squatters to Take Over Building Demanding End to Housing Crisis
by Autonomous Collective
March 18, 2004

Direct Action to Stop The War Announces Plans For Anniversary Actions
March 16, 2004

Iraq Invasion One Year Later: Bay Area Resolves to Return to the Streets
by DASW Media
March 15, 2004

DASW Press Release on Hussein's Capture

Non-violent Direct Action Targets ChevronTexaco's Processing of Iraqi Oil and Toxic Terror in Richmond
by DASW Media
September 9, 2003

Bush Speech's Explanation of Iraq Invasion Leaves Millions Baffled Due to Lack of Key Words "Oil" and "Empire"
by DASW Media
September 8, 2003

Bay Area Residents Join Global Mobilization Against War and WTO with Direct Action to Stop ChevronTexaco Refining Stolen Iraqi Oil
by DASW Media:
September 4, 2003

Peace Movement Joins Mass Mobilization June 20-25 to Disrupt Sacramento Corporate Agriculture Ministerial
June 20, 2003
Mass Non Violent Actions Expose Bush's Unilateral Militarism And Promotion of U.S. Corporate Driven Globalization as Two Facets of the Same Empire-Building Agenda

June 4, 2003
BACKGROUND- Responding to the U.S. government’s designation of Bechtel Corporation as the recipient of the largest contract -- worth up to $680 million -- in the reconstruction of Iraq, human rights activists and corporate watchdog groups with long experience in confronting Bechtel will tomorrow stage a demonstration at the company’s Washington lobbying office

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Recent News Articles

Dissent Must Come Alive in New York
by Tom HaydenNewsday
August 20, 2004
Protesters need not Fear that they will be Playing into the Hands of Bush's Campaign Strategy

New York Lockdown
by Michelle GoldbergGuardian UK/
August 11, 2004
While anti-Bush activists in New York are adopting new techniques to try and disrupt the Republican party convention later this month, the police have got some new strategies of their own.

Bay Area Activism to Infuse N.Y.
by Joe GarofoliSan Francisco Chronicle
August 9, 2004
Over the next few weeks, more than 1,000 Bay Area activists and artists will head to New York to raise a ruckus around the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Group Plans Illegal Protests on 2nd Day of Convention
by Diane CardwellNew York Times
August 5, 2004
Members of a group opposed to the Republican National Convention, many describing themselves as anarchists, said yesterday that they would carry out illegal protest activities on the convention's second day.

The Hand-Over That Wasn't
by Antonia JuhaszLos Angeles Times
August 5, 2004
Officially, the U.S. occupation of Iraq ended on June 28, 2004. But in reality, the United States is still in charge: Not only do 138,000 troops remain to control the streets, but the "100 Orders" of L. Paul Bremer III remain to control the economy.

'The Streets Belong to Us'
by  Sarah FergusonVillage Voice
August 4, 2004
NYC activists call for a day of civil disobedience

City, Protesters Squabble
by Daryl KhanNewsday
August 2, 2004
A group of anarchists working as a loose collective has been organizing a freewheeling day of civil disobedience and guerrilla street tactics to disrupt the convention.

Protesters Pitching a Big Tent
by Joe GarofoliSan Francisco Chronicle
June 5, 2004
Biotech conference viewed as raising issues from genes to jails

S.F. Supe Takes Slap at Biotech
by Daniel S. LevineSan Francisco Business Times
June 4, 2004

View From Inside
by Joe LoyaSan Francisco Bay Guardian
May 26, 2004
Ex-con says Iraq prison revelations are nothing new.

The Home Front
by Steven T. JonesSan Francisco Bay Guardian
May 26, 2004
Long before the Iraq prison scandal, mistreatment of inmates and arrestees was already a national shame.

Outsourcing Torture
by Pratap Chatterjee and A.C. Thompson San Francisco Bay Guardian
May 26, 2004
Private contractors played a key role at Abu Ghraib – and they may never be held accountable.

The business of war in Iraq
by Jon Leyne, BBC correspondent in Washington BBC News
May 25, 2004
In Iraq today, the business of war and its aftermath is being privatised like never before.

The prisoner-abuse scandal at home
by Michelle
May 19, 2004
The stories sound familiar: Muslim prisoners beaten and sexually humiliated by American guards. But it happened in Brooklyn, not Baghdad.

Putting NYC On the Map, Direct Action Groups Bring Tactic to RNC
by Matthew LeisingNew York Indymedia
May 3, 2004
Direct Action groups, building on the experiences of the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 and last year's anti-war actions in the San Francisco Bay Area, are gearing up to let Republicans know they are not welcome to celebrate their agenda in NYC this summer.

Lying in Wait
by David Graeber The Nation
April 19, 2004
On the eve of mass protests, police tell tales that turn out to not be true.

Falluja and the Forging of the New Iraq
by Walden Bello Focus on the Global South
April 18, 2004

War Protesters Close Federal Building
by By Heather MacDonald, STAFF WRITEROakland Tribune
April 16, 2004
16 arrested in downtown Oakland as 300 blast U.S., Israel

Iraq's Enemy Within
by Haifa Zangana The Guardian
April 10, 2004
The US-appointed governing council cannot deliver democracy

Media coverage of April 7 Return to the Docks
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